Honouring the community in community shared agriculture

The more I think about last night’s community shared agriculture sign-up meeting in North Battleford, the more honoured I feel to be a part of this community. The gathering was a lovely mix of tradition and new life, perhaps most evident in the combination of people who have been with the project for well over a decade (nearly two decades in the case of the farmers, Judy and Tom) alongside a number of young families who have joined more recently. The babies and young children roaming the gathering space definitely enhanced the ambience!

But even more significant was the spirit of cooperation that followed Tom’s explanation of the philosophy behind community shared agriculture. Hearing that share numbers are down this year (and that this would result in higher prices for each share to cover overhead costs), people rallied together to fill in the gap. Several families moved from a half share to a full share, committing to find a friend to share it with (or to eat more vegetables if they couldn’t)! Others helped one another connect with a potential match. Wow.

Having come to the farm last summer to grow vegetables with Judy, I am more excited than ever about being here. Although I am not naturally outgoing, I look forward to getting to know all of you better as we share in our collective work to keep good food on our tables and a good living for those who grow it. The potential of a group of people who care this deeply about the farm and the farmers, who value chemical-free local vegetables, and who are willing to work together to meet our collective goals is inspiring.

— Janice

P.S. Check out the recipe section of the blog to find out how I made the beet salad. I hope you’ll send along some of your favourite recipes too!

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