Spring has sprung!


It must be spring! The greenhouse is up and running and our first seedlings of the year are growing well. This photo highlights the bell peppers that will soon be ready for transplanting into bigger pots. Very exciting, especially given the bumper crop of bell peppers last year! Let’s keep our fingers crossed for favourable conditions again this year.

Judy and I have also begun seeding the garden with lots and lots of garlic, as well as some of the onions and broad beans. The next few days should see the rest of the early seeds go in (lettuce, radishes, beets…). Already the volunteer orach and lettuce are sprouting, and I spotted my first couple rhubarb shoots about to break through the soil.

Looking forward to a bountiful summer season together!



2 thoughts on “Spring has sprung!

  1. yum yum! Looking good!! Are those tomatoes also popping up in the left of the photo? Do you use your own seed for starting the seeds in the greenhouse come spring time or do you have to buy some? And is the soil used from the gardens or do you have a special mix? Going to love this!

    • They are indeed tomatoes — good eye! Our seedlings are planted in screened and moistened garden soil that Judy and Tom hauled up to the greenhouse in pails. The seeds are mostly ones we’ve saved ourselves, with some supplementation from Prairie Garden Seeds as needed.

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