Saskatoon’s first order of the summer


Thanks to our friend Jen for this wonderful photo of the first Saskatoon veggie order!

In case anyone’s wondering, we try to keep the orders going to different locations as consistent as possible. This is particularly tricky in June, as the Battlefords folks come every week and (because of the distance and the small size of June orders) the Saskatoon group only comes twice in the month. We do keep track of what we’ve sent though and will do our best to make sure that over the course of the month everyone gets the same quantities of these delicious spring veggies!!


One thought on “Saskatoon’s first order of the summer

  1. Thanks for that wonderful picture of our bountiful bag! I have split mine with my friend & STILL have lots to comfort me! I have been munching on asparagus (my all-time favourite), froze some & am planning on steaming most of the rest, pureeing it & pouring it into ice cube trays to freeze for later use in asparagus soup. Hope that works. I was pleasantly surprised that if the spears are stood in container of water in the frig, I can munch on them for up to 2 weeks! What a bonus as I really like them raw. If this is a small bag of veggies, I will be overwhelmed with what is to come!! THANK YOU!

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