The Peas are Ready!


Well everyone, after the “tease” you’ve been getting the past couple weeks, we are pleased to announce that the edible pod peas are well and truly ready. This week’s orders contain a mixed bag of 2 varieties, Oregon Giant (more of a snow pea) and Mega (a sugar snap pea). Enjoy!!

Along with those peas you can enjoy a sampling of the season’s first baby carrots and potatoes, as well as beets, summer turnips, onions, lettuce, kale, perpetual spinach, and herbs (basil, parsley, dill, and summer savory).

The onions in this week’s orders are thinnings from our storage onion crop. You can eat the greens right to the tip. If you aren’t able to eat them right away, they are also nice dried or frozen.

Also, a word on the lettuce: both the volunteer lettuce and our first seeding have started to bolt, so lettuce quantities will be reduced from here on in. We are moving out of prime lettuce season, but as you can see, the summer vegetables are coming in nicely to fill in the gap!

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