Bountiful Beans


This week’s order includes your first helping of the season’s beans — and it’s a generous one! A pail each of Blue Lake (green) and Dragon Tongue (pictured above) beans are included in your order. Beans are coming on strong and we will have extras available if any of you are interested. If you come out to pick them yourselves, there is no extra charge. If you would like us to pick them for you, the cost is $3 a pail to cover our picking time. (And if you have non-member friends who would like beans, the cost of a picked pail is $6.)

Cucumber and zucchini season has also begun and the peas continue strong. This week you have lots of Homesteader (shelling peas) and a smaller quantity of Oregon Giant (edible pod) peas. Broad beans are still going strong too, and the final seeding of lettuce is in its prime. We left out the cooking greens this week because there were so many other veggies, but if you’re missing the spinach and kale, do let us know!

Your herb bag this week contains basil, parsley, summer savory, and sage — and, as a bonus, your first hot hungarian wax pepper of the season! (Don’t let the name fool you though. If you remove the seeds, they aren’t very hot at all, and they have a lovely flavour. It took me a bit to get brave enough to use them, but we are now loving them!)

And for roots you’ve got potatoes (Norland), beets (Cylindra), carrots (Nantes), onions, and what is most likely the last kohlrabi of the season.


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