Fall is on Its Way


Hard to believe, but fall is on its way. (I have to admit I’m jumping the gun a bit with this photo though; it was taken last fall.) Nevertheless, the summer is drawing to a close. This means that this week you get your first tomato (just one per order, I’m afraid — something is eating them as they ripen. We’re blaming mice) and celery.

It also means that it’s time to confirm our winter membership. Once again, we are offering an early-bird discount to everyone who has paid up by September 15. The cost of a winter share is $550 ($600 after Sept. 15) with half orders available for $350 ($400 after September 15). As usual, smaller families are encouraged to find their own sharing partner and divvy the veggies up themselves. This way you pay only the price of a full share.

Our garden is producing beautifully this year, and we’ve even got the potato beetles under control, so we’ve got enough veggies to expand our winter membership. Your help in spreading the word to potential new members would be greatly appreciated!

For those who haven’t participated before, our winter season kicks off the last Sunday in September with our fall pick-up. All our fall members join us at the farm for an afternoon of picking, digging, sorting, and garden clean-up. We enjoy a delicious pot-luck supper, have a brief business meeting, and send you off with a vehicle load of veggies. This includes your season’s worth of squash, tomatoes, garlic, and peppers; whatever remains of summer veggies (depending on when frost hits this year), and a month’s worth of root veggies. It’s a great opportunity to spend time in the garden and get to know one another in a new way. (Speaking of which, thanks to all who came to yesterday’s beach party/picnic potluck/bonfire. We were a small crew, but had a great time!)

From November to May, winter members receive a bag of storage veggies once a month. Carrots and potatoes are the mainstay. This year we should also have onions (unlike last year, when we had a crop failure), beets, rutabaga, and parsnips. Cabbage is also a possibility, depending on how they like the weather over the next month or so. And finally, we usher in spring with a bunch of the season’s first asparagus! So please, confirm your membership now and help spread the word!!

Getting back to the present, this week’s order includes potatoes, carrots, beets, onions, peas (shelling and edible pod), green beans, broad beans (the last of the season, I’m afraid), zucchini, cucumbers, swiss chard, kale, basil, parsley, hot hungarian wax peppers, a tomato, and a taste of celery. Bon appetit!

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