Many hands make light(er) work


It’s official. Harvest is over. Left to our own devices, we had trouble deciding that enough was enough, but Sunday’s snow took care of that decision for us! Actually, we got almost everything out of the ground — all but the last stretch of our never-ending carrot patch! And even without those carrots, we have an abundance, so if anybody would like to purchase some extras ($1.50/pound) just let us know.
This fall’s bountiful harvest meant that the work was also bountiful. Fortunately, we’ve had some great help. Our members did some great work at fall pick-up (especially on the potato patch, pictured above), as well as harvesting many of the veggies they took home that day. Then a few weeks ago we had a crew from Canada World Youth devote a couple hours to garden clean-up. We were amazed how much work could get done in one afternoon by an enthusiastic crew!! And I would be remiss not to mention the friends, relatives, and neighbours who have popped by to help here and there. It seems that just when I was having trouble imagining how the work would all get done, there was help to boost us along.
We’re not totally finished yet. There are still seeds to clean, beans to sort, some storage to arrange etc., but we can definitely feel the changing season. And while the abundance feels great, we were also pleased to send out a goodly number of veggies to our members this week, freeing up space in our homes for winter pursuits!!
This month’s order includes: potatoes (both Belgian and Red Norland), carrots, onions, beets, parsnips, rutabaga, garlic (Saskatoon only, Battlefords will get theirs next month as their bags are a bit smaller and didn’t have room), green peppers, kale, and parsley. Enjoy!

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