The beans are ready!

jacob's cattle

We hope that all of the CSA members who pre-ordered dried beans at fall pick-up received these with your January veggies and have been enjoying lots of delightful soups, stews, and other bean dishes. Beans are best fresh, so our goal is to empty our storage of all the beans we don’t plan on eating ourselves this year. So if you didn’t order earlier, or if you’ve realized that you didn’t order enough, now is the time to let us know what you’d like! And if you have any bean-loving friends or neighbours who are not CSA members, we also welcome their orders.

Bean prices are listed on the dried beans section of this blog, along with photos of this year’s varieties and an indication of how much we have available of each type.

And if you’re looking for recipe ideas, check out the recipe section of the blog. Pass your favourites along too, and we will add these as well!

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