Eat Your Parsnips!


Since arriving at the farm, I have learned something fascinating about parsnips: they can handle staying in the ground all winter and be harvested for spring eating! Judy’s usual practise is to dig 1/3 of the parsnips in the fall (which you received in November and December) and 1/3 in the spring (which you received yesterday). The remaining 1/3 is left to grow seed for future crops.

Unfortunately, the spring parsnips this year were not as beautiful as the fall ones. Initially, we thought we’d have to give up on them as so many were rotten. But we waited a couple weeks until the ground was thoroughly thawed and the plants had started to re-grow, and then we could tell better which ones were still worth digging (the ones that were growing). This gave us enough parsnips for what you received in your order. We do advise you to eat them in the next few days though, as they probably won’t keep long!

It’s great to see the cellar clearing out of veggies. This will likely be the last of the root veggies you will see for a couple of months (though there may be a few more potatoes, garlic, and possibly a beet in the early June orders). So enjoy those carrots, parsnips, rutabaga, potatoes, beets, and garlic!

For those of you who are not continuing on with us through the summer, this will be the last full order of veggies. You will have one treat yet to come though: a package of asparagus, likely in a couple of weeks’ time. We’ll be in touch with details once there’s enough asparagus to send!

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