One of the many wonders of fall here on the farm is the ripening of our melon crop. Not many people realize that we can actually grow melons in Saskatchewan … and some years we can’t. But this year is a melon year.

Our muskmelon (of which cantaloupe is one variety) are ripening nicely. We were able to send one in each order yesterday, and if we manage to evade frost a while longer, there will be more to come.

We also sent a kazakh honeydew (pictured above). These were a gift from Rachelle Ternier and Prairie Garden Seeds. This was a new seed to them, which they grew for the first time in their poly tunnel in Humboldt. This year was its field trial. We had a mixture of plants started in the greenhouse and ones direct seeded in the garden, with plots in 2 different gardens. All produced bountifully, though one direct seeded patch fared better than the other in terms of early ripening. This is my new favourite melon, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! We will certainly grow them again.

Because they were grown primarily for seed this year, we encourage you to save the seed from the melon you received, and send it back to us. If you have never done this before, it is a very simple process. Simply scoop the seeds out of your melon into a bowl, and use your hands to separate them from the surrounding flesh. Rinse several times (in a colander works well), then lay out on several sheets of newspaper (or a towel) to dry. When they are thoroughly dry, place them in an envelope and send them back to us. You can also save a few for your own garden, if you are so inspired!

We were particularly glad to have melons to send this week, as the rainy weather kept us from harvesting a few things we would otherwise have sent. Fortunately, we had pre-picked the potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, garlic, and peppers. We braved the mud to harvest zucchini, corn, greens (a bit less kale than usual, but a couple heads of beautiful fall lettuce!), celery, and herbs. The carrots and beets, however, we left in their comfortable muddy home until next week, when we hope to have dryer conditions!

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