The Garden’s In, Let’s Have a Party!

Although we all know that nothing’s every really finished when it comes to gardening, this week we (pretty much) finished putting the garden in. The greenhouse plants are all set out, and everything has been seeded at least once. Aside from a few remaining bits and pieces, the garden is planted. And, for the most part, it’s looking lovely.

So what better time for our annual summer beach party! We’re trying an earlier date this year, in hopes that we may catch a few more people before you head off on holidays. This year’s event will take place on Saturday, June 25. Come on out to the farm anytime after 2 pm. We’ll have a potluck supper at 5:00 and, if weather permits, a bonfire to follow. Everyone is welcome — members, friends, neighbours, friends of members, anyone who’d like to come out and enjoy the farm for the day.

For our Battlefords members, there shouldn’t be any surprises in this week’s veggie bags. They look a lot like last week’s, except with larger quantities of lettuce and dill. You’ve also got asparagus, rhubarb, orach, Dutch chive bulbs, coriander, basil, and summer savory. Saskatoon members have all of these items, but in larger quantities, since you are getting two weeks’ veggies at a time till the middle of July.

One note about the chive bulbs: store them as you would a cooking onion — somewhere dry, not in the refrigerator. These are a relatively new plant for us, so we’re just experimenting with how best to use them. I’m thinking the bulbs resemble shallots, and could be used as you would onions or garlic. Do let us know if you discover a favourite use!

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