Thanks for celebrating summer’s arrival with us!


A big thank you to everyone who came out to Largo Farm’s third annual summer party yesterday afternoon. It was lovely to see everyone enjoying this beautiful place, the animals, good food, and one another’s company! We had a wonderful time and we hope you did too — even if none of us was brave enough to venture into the water!

We’re starting to see the transition to summer with this week’s veggies as well. Our asparagus is now put to bed till next spring, so this week’s order will be the last you see this year.

The orach is winding down too, though it may hold out for one more week. The good news though, is that there are a number of greens just about ready to take its place. You got a sneak preview in this week’s order. We sent a few mustard greens (pictured above) as well as small amounts of kale and perpetual spinach to whet your appetite for these summer greens. Next week there will be larger quantities. We also sent teasers of bok choy and spinach (bloomsdale), but unfortunately there won’t likely be more of these this year. Neither likes hot weather and they are both starting to bolt. The bok choy was an experiment this year, and even though the plants didn’t last long, we are impressed with the result and plan to save seed so we can plant more next year.

The summer herbs are starting to take off as well. We picked both basil and parsley for the first time since the transplants were set out, and it looks like both herbs will be growing quickly with this heat. The mint, dill, and summer savory are still going strong as well, and while some of the coriander is blooming, new plants are coming up to take their place, so we should be able to continue to send some for at least a while yet. We also seeded some more, and are hoping this comes up better than our first seeding! The other item in your herb bag was a large handful of cress. It too is bolting in the heat, though we may be able to squeeze one more week out of it.

This week was the final installment of Dutch chives (at least until the plants regrow — I divided them for the first time this week and re-planted, so we’ll see what happens!). Our seeded lettuce is starting to bolt, but the volunteer patch is still looking good and the second seeding is coming on strong, so we should be able to continue sending good quantities of lettuce along with the new greens that are coming on. Rhubarb of course, continues to produce steadily.

One other veggie that is now ready is summer turnips. They suffered somewhat from the heat and dry weather earlier this spring, which have made them a bit spicier than usual. Because of this, and because they are Judy’s favourite vegetable, we are not going to send them out to everyone. We don’t want to burden you with something you don’t like, especially when Judy would happily eat them! That said, we are more than happy to send some to anyone who enjoys summer turnips and doesn’t mind them being a bit on the spicy side. Please let me know if you would like some and we will send them next week. Also, if anyone would like extra rhubarb, dill, or mint, please let me know that as well (even if you have already made the request in an earlier week, as I don’t know if you got enough or would still like more!).


PS The peas that managed to germinate before our first spring rain are approaching maturity. There are not a lot yet, but we may be able to send a taste next week!

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