Worth waiting for

     We nearly started building the ark. When a violent thunderstorm woke me up at 4:30 Sunday morning, my main concerns were that it not be hailing (which it wasn’t, just raining very hard) and that vegetable pick-up would be challenging in a muddy garden. When I got out of bed at 7, it was obvious that nobody would be picking vegetables that morning. Several sections of the garden had become large ponds and when I tested the ground at the garden’s edge, my foot sank down a good 2 inches. Turns out we had over 2 1/2 inches of rain that night. The garden had dried more than I expected by Monday morning, but when I went to start picking veggies the rains resumed, bringing another half inch of rain over the course of the day. I’d say everything is good and watered!

Fortunately, today was dry (in spite of the forecast) and we’ve had some sun and a good drying wind. The photos above were taken this afternoon. No more puddles, though the smooth soil shows the impact of so much rain in such a short period of time. It was dry enough for us to pick, so the Battlefords veggies are packed up and ready to go and the Saskatoon orders will go out on Thursday.

We hope you agree that they were well worth waiting for! We’ve moved into 2 bags for the full orders. One of them contains beets, summer turnips, multiplier onions, and herbs. The new green in your herb bag is New Zealand spinach. We’re quite impressed with its flavour and texture — let us know what you think! There’s also a final bunch of arugula, a handful of onion thinnings, summer savory, curled parsley, basil, and edible pod peas. The coriander is on hiatus at the moment, but the next seeding should be ready in a couple weeks.

The other bag contains your greens. For cooking greens you have perpetual spinach, lots of mustard greens, and kale. The other bag contains your lettuce and dill, as well as a few handfuls of shelling peas. These are coming along well, and there should be even more ready for you next week. Bon appetit!

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