Wanna Share?

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With the farm freshly blanketed in snow, these lovely green veggies are but a fond memory. But the veggies of winter have their own particular charm. The potatoes, carrots, rutabaga, and beets harvested last fall continue to go out to our CSA members, reminding us of the bounty of last year’s garden and pointing us towards what we hope will be another year of abundance.

In many ways, growing the vegetables is the easy part of what we do. Yes, it involves long hours of hard work under conditions we could never even hope to control. And yet it is straightforward enough to sow abundantly, weed zealously, haul manure, and pray for rain (or sun). What is more challenging for us is finding enough members to enjoy the fruits of our labour. And it is now, in the closing weeks of winter, when our inclination is to finish up the butchering and relax with a good book, that we need to turn our energies to expanding our circles of sharing.

So what exactly is it that we are sharing? Vegetables? Absolutely. Each week (during the summer) and each month (during the winter), Largo Farm members receive their share of the harvest. The vegetables are the centrepiece of our farm. We love our veggies, and so do our members. We save our own seed (for the most part), sow them with love, weed out the competition, and let nature take its course. We do not use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and very rarely irrigate. Summer veggies are picked fresh and sent out to members that same day.

But is it only vegetables that we are sharing? Absolutely not. On the most basic level, yes we are sharing the fruits of the land we inhabit and care for. We are also sharing the risks inherent in farming — nobody knows whether the rains will come at the right time, what pests we might encounter (though potato beetles seem pretty reliable!), what the temperatures will be, etc. We do our best to grow lots of everything, but if a crop fails, we all share in the loss. Chances are, conditions will favour another crop and we will share in the abundance as well.

What we are really sharing though is relationships: relationships between us farm families and our members, relationships amongst the members (particularly in our Battlefords, Saskatoon, and Birch Lake member circles), and relationships with the land and its non-human inhabitants. We encourage our members to consider this farm your farm too, your opportunity to connect with the life forces that sustain us both physically and spiritually. We encourage you to spend time on the farm — on pick up days, at farm celebrations, and whenever else you choose. This place is a treasured gift that we are keen to share.

And so we ask your help in connecting with others who would like to share with us.

Many thanks to all of our members who have already responded to our renewal notice. We are delighted that so many of you will be staying with us for another farming year (or season). We also appreciate that, for whatever reason, some of you are needing to move on, and are grateful that you have let us know. For those who are still uncertain (or who have been too busy to respond), please remember that our earlybird deadline is February 24th.

We also know that there are others out there who are craving both good food and the web of relationships that comes with membership in a farm community. If you are one of these, please give us a call at 306-481-5654 or email us at sanfordbeck@hotmail.com. If you think you might know some, please share this message (and the details on the CSA page of this blog) with them and encourage them to be in touch. We appreciate your assistance with this challenging aspect of our work.


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