The Season of Promise

Here on the farm, spring is the season of promise. The time when anything is possible. The time when we can dream big and imagine the perfect garden, no weeds, no potato beetles, no drought. Of course, we know that this perfect garden exists only in the land of dreams, that plenty of challenges will arise along the way. But it’s still fun to dream. And this year, so far, our dreams feel justified.

We’ve been gardening almost two months already and between last fall’s moisture and the early start this year, the gardens are looking fabulous. Our winter members have already benefitted from our abundant asparagus crop. With the start of the new season this week-end, our summer members will be enjoying the usual spring pleasures: rhubarb, more asparagus, and orach.

For those of you who are not familiar with orach, it is a relative of lamb’s quarters, but with larger leaves, and is our earliest spring green. The small leaves make a lovely salad, either on their own or mixed with other veggies (potatoes, asparagus) or dried beans. Larger leaves are better cooked, and can be used anywhere you would normally use cooked spinach or other cooking greens.

In addition to these staples of the first June order, we are also delighted to be able to share some of the abundance of last fall’s harvest (in the form of storage potatoes and a few carrots) and some exciting spring treats. We have the finest radishes and spinach that I have seen since moving to the farm four years ago. They are at their prime and we are delighted to be able to send them out to you this week! Amazingly, we also have a sneak peak at the lettuce that will be soon to come in greater quantities, and a few snippets of herbs. Ahh, the delights of spring!

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