Summer Party Coming Right Up

Before I share the details of this week’s veggie order, I wanted to remind everyone about our annual summer party that is coming up next Saturday, June 24. Anyone interested in visiting the farm and spending some time with the farm community is most welcome to come out anytime after 2 p.m. Weather permitting, we will spend some time at the beach in the afternoon, followed by a potluck supper at 5 p.m. and evening bonfire. We hope that many of you (members, friends, neighbours, other curious people!) will be able to join us. Please let me know if you need a map.

As for the veggies, this week’s order features two new greens: turnip greens and cress.  Some people consider turnip greens a delicacy, so as our summer turnips are in need of thinning, we decided to send some along (on top of the asparagus and orach). Below you can see the row, with the newly thinned section on the left and the section awaiting thinning on Sunday on the right. Their slightly fuzzy texture disappears when they are cooked, so we highly recommend eating them steamed or stir-fried (or however you use cooked greens).

You are also receiving your first instalment of garden cress (pictured below). This is a green with some bite. It goes especially well with potato or egg salads, and can also add some tang to a lettuce salad.

Since the photo of sorrel somehow escaped from my last post, I have also added it below. This week’s orders also contain sorrel, but I still haven’t had a chance to try the rhubarb sorrel crisp!

Other items in this week’s order include storage potatoes and carrots, rhubarb, the last of the season’s asparagus, the last of our Bloomsdale spinach (but never fear, a slightly later variety, Lorelei, will be ready for next week), lettuce, coriander, dill, and the last of the bok choy. We decided to give the parsley and summer savory a chance to strengthen their roots this week, but they will return with your next order.

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