Precocious Peas

We are absolutely delighted (and still somewhat astounded) to have had peas ready for picking prior to the first of July! And not only are they ready, they are also abundant. Our earliest varieties are Sugar Ann (sugar snap peas) and Knight (shelling peas). We get them into the ground as early as we can, but often germination is not great. We tend to limp along, harvesting from the broken rows until the next varieties are ready.

Not this year! Rather than strolling through solitary plants, we actually had to untangle pea vines to harvest those succulent pods. We sold out of Sugar Anns at market on Friday and were able to send a remarkable half gallon to each full share on Monday. Please keep in mind that these are edible pod peas; we wouldn’t want you to be composting all those sweet pods for nothing!

We will be starting to harvest the shelling peas (Knights) tomorrow, and should have some for the coming week’s vegetable shares, and maybe even a few for market. The Cascadia (sugar snap) and Oregon Giant (sugar snap/snow pea) are not far behind. We have been harvesting a few for ourselves, and should be able to begin a larger harvest later this week. What a gift!

The other new items in this week’s CSA shares are cress and arugula. These are both in your herb bags, along with the peas, dill, parsley, coriander, basil, mint, and purple basil.

Cress has tightly curled leaves and is popular in potato salads.


Arugula is great on pizza, minced into green salads (in relatively small quantities), or as a salad green paired with a strong cheese dressing.


Both cress and arugula have a bit of a bite, so if they are new to you, I recommend using them in small quantities at first, diluted with other greens or strong flavours.

This week’s order also features rhubarb, young multiplier onions, an abundance of lettuce, and, sadly, the last of the spinach and asparagus. We hope you are enjoying the flavours of spring as much as we are!


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