An update on what’s new on Largo Farm.

It’s been a while since I did a post and I said I would try and do them more often so here it goes.

We have some very exciting new projects on the farm this spring.

I have been thinking of getting a sawmill for a while but with the price of lumber doubling this year I thought it was time and ordered a Woodland Mills HM 126 (shown in photo).

It came in mid-March and has been a lot of fun to figure out and has opened up a lot of new opportunities on the farm.

In March we got two roosters and an incubator and will try hatching our own chicks on the farm now that we have a big solar system in my shop. I will do a post about it when they hatch.

My other project is working on a new website for Largo Farm.

I want something that I have more control over than a wordpress site so I’m learning to code one from scratch. It’s a big job but I hope to make a site that better expresses who we are at Largo Farm.

And with all these new things there is still all the spring work to keep us busy.

The gardening season is almost upon us, all the snow is gone and we will start planting soon.

We look forward to continuing to produce the best food Saskatchewan can offer to all of you!


P.S we are also still looking for new members for the coming season. we also have beef and eggs for sale. if your intresed let me know Contact Us.

6 thoughts on “An update on what’s new on Largo Farm.

  1. Hi Johnny. Are you going to continue to operate the same as you haven’t passed, where people need to come out to the farm to pick up? I know people who are looking for a CSA, but getting to the farm is very challenging, especially mid week. Let me know if this is the same or not. Thank you.


    • I do understand that having to come out to the farm can be hard but it is a vary big part of why we do the CSA. We see it as important for our customers to be more involved with the farm (It’s been less with covid-19 and we have missed it). We have found that customers that haven’t come to the farm don’t stay on. we are not just offering good food we are also offering a connection to the land where your food is growen. This is a long answer to your question I hope it’s helpful.

  2. Sounds very exciting! My daughter in law builds websites for a living, if you get stuck reach out and I will put you in touch.

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