A vary difficult year (garden update)

My mother always said, “If you can’t say somthing good, don’t say anything at all.” I’ve refrained from doing a garden updates. With the drought, it was hard to feel cheerful about our garden. I did feel optomistic about the Americans; the potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, cukes, melons, and squash. After Thursdays’s hail, I do not feel optomistic about any of the garden. Time will tell. This is normal for us. I’ll share some of my garden journal.

1995 – Worst garden. No rain until July 15. First delivery July.

1996 – Wonderfull garden!

1997 – No comment.

1998 – First pick-up June 11 – lettuce, spinach, herbs, radishes.

1999 – Best garden ever! Luxurious.

2000 – Very, very dry. Hot, windy, no rain. Good rain July 1. Hail Aug 6.

2001 – Poor garden. Cutworms destroyed 2/3’s for the lettucs, onions, spinach. Maggots destroyed cabbage family, Crows eating corn.

2002 – Worst garden ever. Cutworms and drought. Very cold spring.

2003 – Bad garden.

2004 – Wonderful lush garden but cold and late.

2005 – Good garden. Cool, late, and damp fall , so difficult harvest.

2006 – Great garden. Wet fall, so miserable root harvest.

2007 – No commets.

2008 – Wonderfull garden! Lots of fun!

2009 – Cold dry spring. Slow but late fall thus wonderfull Garden!

2010 – 2019 – Good gardens.

2020 – Best spring and summer garden ever! A total pleasure.

2021 – Too soon to say. So far, a difficult year.

Judy Ternier

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