Fall update

The fall work is starting to come to an end so I can finally find the time to do a blog post.

A lot has happened since the last post, The biggest change on the farm this fall was the wedding of Johnny Burns to Rowan Sanford Beck on Oct 16th. We had a small celebration with friends and family on the farm, the weather was beautiful so we were able to have the ceremony outside.

In the last post, we were pretty pessimistic about the garden but we ended up having a late fall and getting a good enough garden harvest in. The upside of a poor year is harvest was fast and we have the gardens in probably the best shape for next spring we have ever managed. We were not so lucky with the field crops this year so we will be downsizing our chicken flock over the winter. The hay crop was down but we got all we needed for the winter and some extra so if the pasture is late this spring our cows will have food. We are planning on fencing some more of our land for pasture in the spring in case it’s dry next year too, It’s always best to be ready for anything on the farm.

One of the big projects this year is we are moving in an old granary, half for a hall and half for lumber storage with a sleeping loft above, or that is what my plan is at the moment we will see how it ends up when I have the building here and start working on it.

We have also been working on the recipe page on the website and will be adding more recipes in the coming months. check them out and let us know what are your favorites!.

As I’m finishing this up we have just had our first snow of the winter. In reflection, it was a year of ups and downs but in the end, we have a cellar full of food, a new couple on the farm, and the fields are under a blanket of snow resting till spring, As for us, we have butchering, getting firewood, milling lumber and all the little repairs to keep us busy till springtime.

One thought on “Fall update

  1. Great photo of Johnny and Rowan.
    All the best to this handsome couple. Inspires youth and return of the Prince and Princess _the future is here ! 2 is a sacred number !

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