Small update and early signup deadline

HI all

I have been working on updating some of our info pages on the website and would like to share some of it with you. Also, just a reminder if you are interested in signing up to the CSA our early discount deadline is coming up fast!

What is a CSA:

community shared agriculture is a way for farmers and consumers to connect and share in the bounty that our land has to offer. It demystifies where your food comes from by forging a relationship with the farm and land where it is produced.

Why would you join a CSA:

CSAs are one of the best ways to support local small farms and develop a relationship with where your food comes from and get fresh vegetables direct from the farm with no middle man.

What we offer:

We are a year round CSA with two seasons: summer (June to September) and winter (November to May). The summer season starts with asparagus/root vegetables from the last year(potatoes/carrots)/greens(orach/spinach/herbs/)rhubarb etc. As the seasons goes on we have peas/beans/lattices/carrots/beets/potatoes/tomatoes/corn/and more. The winter season starts with the fall pickup where you will get tomatoes/carrots/beets/squash/spaghetti squash/pumpkins/potatoes/corn/ greens(if we have not had a killing frost yet) etc. Throughout the winter you will get potatoes/carrots/beets/parsnips/etc. As spring comes we end the season with asparagus.

How a share works:

We have sigh up for your order in the spring before planting. You pay for the share you have chosen We offer two different shares(full and half) for the full you get up-to two cloth grocery bags per order with a mix of what is in season.

How pickup works:

Before each season we have a sign up for pickups where you can sign up to do a pickup. Summer is once a week, winter is once a month. On your pickup you will come out to the farm and pickup all the orders for the ring, bring it back into town and everyone will pick up their order from your place. Full orders are expected to come out for two pickups a season and half orders once but that can depend on how many orders we have for the season

Fall pickup:

For winter orders the season starts with fall pickup. At fall pickup everyone comes out to the farm for a work-bee and to pickup their first winter order. The first order is a big order where you will get a large quantity of fall produce that we can’t keep (tomatoes/squash/spaghetti squash/pumpkins/corn and greens/etc.) for preserving for the winter.


We also produce and sell dry beans/eggs/meat and will be adding other items in the future you can check our website at for updates.

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