Largo Farm is located on Murray Lake, a small lake on the edge of the Thickwood Uplands on Treaty Six territory, near Moosomin First Nation and Cochin, about half an hour north of North Battleford. It is a traditional mixed farm based on domestic production, processing, and use of much of our own food, fibre, and fuel and the production of a sufficient surplus for cash.

There are large gardens producing vegetables, dry beans, and open-pollinated seeds and small fields for grain, hay, pulses, and oilseeds. We have a small grass-fed dairy/beef herd for home dairy, cheese, and meat; sheep for wool and meat; feeder pigs; chickens for eggs and meat; and, our latest addition, honeybees.

No agricultural chemicals or fertilizers have been used since 1976. Nature Saskatchewan holds conservation easements in perpetuity on the land.

All our feed is produced here and no antibiotics or other treatments are used on our stock. We do our own slaughtering and butchering on the farm.

We do much of our work by hand and horse but still rely on our tractors. The farm is off-grid and we do not have running water.

We offer hospitality to people wanting to experience a radically different traditional domestic life in place.

Traditional culture is created by anonymous people living in place over time. In our gardens, we find shards of pottery and stone tools, points, and flakes. There remain cellar pits and stories of Metis families, a French gardener, and a retired sea captain. By 1930 two families had arrived from southern Saskatchewan to market garden, farm, and raise stock. A grand-daughter, Judy Ternier, has carried this on since 1976.

The families on Largo Farm are:

Judy Ternier and Tom Burns, Johnny Burns, and Rowan Sanford Beck.

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