Community Shared Agriculture

Now is the time to sign up for Largo Farm’s 2022 season of community shared agriculture!

Community shared agriculture is a beautiful partnership between vegetable growers and consumers. At the beginning of the season, members purchase a share in the farm’s production. Then, as the season progresses, they each receive their share of the harvest. One of the wonderful things about this system is that it allows us to decommodify food — people are not actually purchasing vegetables; they are purchasing the labour involved in growing those vegetables.

The community side of community shared agriculture is also important to us. On pick-up days, we appreciate the opportunity to get to know our customers better as we share in the work of harvesting and bagging produce.

We also encourage members to develop relationships with one another. We currently have two member rings, one in the Battlefords and one in Saskatoon. On pick-up days, one family from each ring comes out to the farm to pick up vegetables for the entire ring. Normally, they will spend about two hours at the farm, working with us to pick and bag the produce. Later in the day, the other families come to their home to collect vegetables. Ideally, this is an opportunity for customers to visit with one another.

Our prices also encourage members to co-operate with one another. Initially, we offered only full shares; anybody wishing a smaller quantity of vegetables had to find someone to share with. Due to popular demand, we have incorporated an option for half shares. The extra work involved in dividing shares means that there is an extra charge for a half share. But if two families purchase a full share together (and do the dividing themselves), they pay only the full share price. They also get to develop a relationship with one another as they split veggies and have the potential to swap items and to cover for one another during holiday times.

Largo Farm has been offering community shared agriculture since 1995 with both summer shares (June to September) and winter shares (October to May). From June to September, Battlefords members pick up veggies every Sunday. Because of the greater travel distance, Saskatoon members pick up only twice in June, then move into weekly pick-ups in July, when the quantitiy of produce increases. The Saskatoon group’s summer pick-ups take place on Wednesdays.

The summer season begins with asparagus, spring greens, and rhubarb. Various greens and herbs continue all through the summer with peas, turnips, beans, carrots, potatoes, onions, zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, and more being added as they are ready. See below for a complete listing of the veggies we grow. Once July hits, you can expect to receive two large bags of assorted veggies each week until late September.

Winter pick-ups happen once a month. The season kicks off on the last Sunday afternoon of September with our fall pick-up. All winter members are strongly encouraged to join us at the farm for an afternoon of picking, digging, sorting, and garden clean-up. We enjoy a delicious pot-luck supper, have a brief business meeting, and send you off with a vehicle load of veggies. This includes your season’s worth of squash, pumpkins, tomatoes, garlic, and peppers; whatever remains of summer veggies (depending on when frost hits this year), and a month’s worth of root veggies. It’s a great opportunity to spend time in the garden and get to know one another. Any winter members who are not able to attend must arrange with someone else to pick up their vegetables.

From November to May, winter members receive two large cloth bags of storage veggies once a month (though the bags become less full towards the end of the winter!). One member from each of our circles – Battlefords and Saskatoon – comes to the farm to pick up for the rest of the circle, so each member will likely come only once over the course of the winter. Carrots and potatoes are the mainstay, supplemented by onions, beets, rutabaga, and parsnips. And finally, we usher in spring with a bunch of the season’s first asparagus.

This years prices are as follows:
Full share:
$1450 full year ($1363 with 6% early discount)
$800 for one season, summer or winter ($752 with 6% early discount)

Half share:
$850 full year ($799 with 6% early discount)
$475 for one season, summer or winter ($447 with 6% early discount)

For early sign-up discount we require a commitment by email or text by March 1 st, and a deposit of
$200 for a full order or $100 for a half by March 6 th (so you can send a cheque with the March order if
that works best for you).
For payment we accept cash, cheques, and E-transfers. Cheques shoud be made payable to John Burns.
If you are mailing a cheque, the address is: Box 397, Cochin SK, S0M 0L0. E-transfers can be sent to, please include a note as to what the payment is for.
Full payment will be due at the beginning of the season (June for summer members and fall

For more information or to sign up, Contact Us

Our vegetables include (in alphabetical order):




Beans (fresh and dry)


Broad beans


















Peas (shell and edible pod)

Peppers (hot and sweet)







Swiss chard


Turnips (summer and swede)


4 thoughts on “Community Shared Agriculture

  1. Hello, I live in Saskatoon and am potentially interested in getting half or full share for the winter. Could you describe what a typical monthly share during the winter would include? Thanks.

    • Hi Darron,
      Thanks for your interest! The fall share includes 20 pounds of tomatoes, 10-12 winter squash, a couple of pumpkins, 30 heads of garlic, and depending on the season, peppers (hot and sweet), corn,and possibly other summer veggies). These are all received at the Fall Pick-Up, the last Sunday in September. You will also get a selection of root veggies that day (potatoes, carrots, onions, beets, rutabaga).
      This counts as the October pick-up. After that, each month you will receive a selection of storage veggies. For a full share, this includes 6 pails (gallon ice-cream pail size) of potatoes and carrots (you can decide the ratio), as well as onions, beets, and rutabaga (while supplies last). You will also receive parsnips for a couple months in the fall and again a couple months in the spring. And to cap things off, you will get your share of the first asparagus picking (probably a couple pounds of asparagus) in May!
      Hope this helps, and please let me know if you have any other questions.
      By the way, if paying upfront is a challenge, we are also able to take post-dated cheques as payment for the season.

  2. Hello,
    I just found your poster at the Health food store, sad we missed yesterdays gathering but hoping it’s not too late to sign up for a winter half share?? We are new to North Battleford, and willing to come out, help harvest and/or bag veggies and pick up our orders. Goin away on October 9th for a couple weeks tho, so hoping our visit can happen before then?
    Thx look forward to your email reply:)

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