Dried Beans Takeing order for Fall 2022 NOW!

At Largo Farm we are happy to offer a range of wonderfull dried beans!

Beans have always been a staple food for us on Largo Farm. We have grown many different varieties over the years, and we have picked 7 different ones that we feel are the best and give you the perfect bean for any dish. All the beans we sell are grown on our farm, where my family has been gardening since the 1930s. We grow all of our beans without chemicals or artificial fertilizers.

Great Northern

Great Northern has been grown continuously in our family since the thirties. It cooks up soft and has a wonderful delicate flavour.

Norwegian Brown

Norwegian Brown cooks up like a kidney bean.

Salvadoran Red

Selvadoran Red is our name for a bean from El Salvador. It cooks quickly and is a very versatile bean.

Mitla Black

Mitla Black is a small black bean. Like the Selvadoran Red, it cooks quickly and is very versatile.

Canadien Wonder

Canadien Wonder is a really good kidney bean.


Pinto is used in ethnic cooking, I consider it the equivalent of a kidney bean.

Black Coco

Black Coco cooks up soft.

Ordering Information

We are taking pre-orders for the fall. We ask for a $20 deposit on all pre-orders. We try as best we can to fill orders but we are a small grower and sometimes one bean will not grow well. If that is the case we will contact you and offer to substitute with a different bean or change your order.

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We have CSA member and bulk discounts

2021 Price$5/lb.
CSA Member 5% discount
bulk 5 lbs and over per variety10% discount
Bean Price 2021