In yesterday’s post I forgot to mention a few other veggies that were frozen on that fateful night: our beautiful early seedings of radishes, arugula, and cress all fell victim to the cold. Like kale and mustard greens, these are all very frost tolerant plants, but twelve hours of -6 was just too much for them.

Unfortunately, the heat that quickly followed that cold night proved to be too much for the second seeding of radishes. They didn’t come up well and very few of those that did come up have been worth eating. Our apologies, but it looks like there won’t be any radishes this spring.

We replanted the arugula more recently and, in spite of the hot, dry weather, it appears to be doing well. If we get the promised rain tonight, it should flourish! Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Also, a word about green onions. Earlier this month you received the volunteer onions. We have planted cooking onions (yellow globe danvers), bunching onions, and multiplier onions and they are all looking good (sometimes too good for the stray chickens to resist, but we have been endeavouring to keep them out of the garden!). The first you will receive of them will be the thinnings of the yellow globe danvers, which can be eaten as green onions. We considered sending them this week, but it’s been so dry that we worried it would stress the remaining roots too much. If all goes well, they will make their way to you next week! The bunching onions need a little bit longer, but you should be seeing them before too long as well.

And finally, I wanted to mention bag return. We are very, very pleased with how well you are getting your bags back to the farm this summer. THANK YOU!! Having your bags here makes pick up day run so much more smoothly, so we really appreciate your efforts to get them back to us. Thanks also to those who have been sending clean grocery bags and cardboard egg cartons. They come in very handy!

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