The Beans are (Almost) Ready!


It has been a slow year for beans. The season began with drought and ended with wet weather, when our beans would have far preferred the opposite! When our family left for our cross-Canada journey this fall, most of the beans were lying in the fields, pulled but not thrashed. Judy and Tom worked away at them, saving the crop by bringing them indoors to protect them from the elements and thrashing away. When we returned in mid-November, there will still beans to thrash. Judy and I kept at it for a couple weeks, until the air became too damp. Since then, we have been cleaning away, a process which has been considerably slower due to the larger than usual number of immature, mouldy, frozen, and sprouted beans. Nevertheless, we have persevered, and are nearly finished. At long last, we are ready to process orders!
Details about varieties, prices, and timelines can all be found on the dried beans section of this blog. We look forward to finding good homes for all these fruits of our labours! To place an order (or if you have any questions), please email

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