The Last Rhubarb


Dear CSA members,
The time has come to bid farewell to the rhubarb. This will be the last week it will be included in your order. (For Saskatoon members, that means this coming Wednesday.) BUT, if you are really fond of rhubarb and would like to receive some more, please do let us know and we will gladly send some.
As we say goodbye to rhubarb, we are also saying hello to some new veggies. This week’s features are summer turnip, Oregon Giant (snow) peas, basil, and parsley. Our favourite way to eat turnip is simply to peel it and cut it into slices or wedges. Yum!
Other items in this week’s order are beets, lettuce, perpetual spinach, kale, onions, rat’s tail radishes, dill, and summer savoury. Enjoy!

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