Our Roots are Showing


Although the root veggies started out mired in mud, thanks to the large amounts of rain we’ve had the past few days, they rinsed off to look absolutely gorgeous and we couldn’t resist taking (and sharing) a photo! The gardens are really coming into their own with a growing variety of veggies ready each week. The roots in this week’s order are beets, summer turnips, carrots, potatoes, and 2 bunches of onions (one of bunching onions and one of thinnings from the winter onion crop). You’ve also got a couple of last week’s mystery veggie — kohlrabi, which are root-like but grow above the ground. These are delicious peeled, sliced, and eaten fresh (or lightly stir fried).

Legumes are also gaining in strength — this week you have a bag of Homesteader (shelling peas) and a mixed bag of edible pod peas (Oregon giant, Chinese giant, and mega) and broad beans.

Greens continue to thrive, so you’ve got a bag of lettuce and a mixed bag of kale and perpetual spinach. I must say that this perpetual spinach is looking like nothing I’ve seen before! In my experience the leaves (and plants) are much smaller. Probably this is because I was gardening in a smaller, less sunny space and I kept the plants heavily picked. Next year we’ll plant less and see if we can keep the leaves smaller!!

Your herb bag contains basil, parsley, dill, summer savory, and, I believe, a hint of sage.

With all these wonderful veggies to harvest, it was great to have a crew of helpers on hand (guests staying the weekend!) to make short work of it.


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