Good Food, Good Company

Last week-end we had our first ever spring sign-up meeting in Saskatoon and it was well-worth the drive! Many thanks to our hosts, Maritza and Chabelo, and to all the members who were able to join us.

We very much enjoyed the chance to visit with you all, and to sample all the delicious winter veggie dishes you prepared. Tricia has shared her recipe for scalloped potatoes and carrots below, and if anyone else would like to pass their recipe along I would be happy to post it too.

Here on the farm, we continue to enjoy the delights of spring. Chives are up and thriving, and this weekend we had our first taste of asparagus. Yours will be on its way in the coming weeks, as soon as we have enough! The orach and rhubarb are coming along well for the beginning of the summer veggie season, our garlic looks fabulous, and radishes, lettuce, spinach, onions, dill, coriander, and peas are all peeking up to enjoy the sunshine. We’ve also got a lovely crop of volunteer sorrel next to the chives, alongside the one original plant, and are thinking of moving some of them into a row in hopes of expanding our selection of early greens next year.

In the greenhouse, we’ve got a lovely array of celery plants; some thriving young herbs: basil, purple basil (new this year!), summer savory, and parsley; and an ever-expanding number of pots of peppers and tomatoes. Lots to look forward to in the weeks and months to come!

In the meantime, this week you will be receiving your final major installment of winter veggies: potatoes, carrots, and beets. The carrot quantities will be somewhat down this month, and instead you will be receiving extra beets. Time for borscht and beet salad as we await the spring greens!

Tricia’s Late Winter Scalloped Potato and Carrot Crock-pot

This is a recipe detailing what I actually did for the dish that I shared at the potluck based on what I had on hand that needed to be used up.  That is usually how I cook, so feel free to substitute ingredients at will.  I am guessing at quantities since I am not much of a measurer.

4lbs yellow and white potatoes (well aged by May, not sure the variety names but it is whatever Largo sends through the winter.  I think I used about 5 of each)

       -Scrubbed and peeled, cut into thin slices about the size of a twoonie

1lb carrots (I think I used about 5)

        -Scrubbed and peeled, cut into thin slices about the size of a twoonie

1/4lb Yellow Onion (didn’t have any left so I bought these at the store. Used 2)

1tbsp bacon lard (I save my bacon fat, it is great for all kinds of cooking especially roue)

2tbsp pastry flour (I ran out of all purpose flour)

400ml can of Coconut Milk (Have way too many of these, they were on sale and I didn’t have much 3% milk.  This milk separates into cream and water, I added everything to the pot)

1/2 C Whipped Topping (Leftover from a strawberry shortcake earlier this week)

1/4 C 3% Milk (I wasn’t sure if the coconut milk would be too watery to thicken so I erred on the side of caution)

2 C Grated Medium Cheddar Cheese (used 3/4 of the block!)

1/2 C White Cheddar Cheese Curd (Poutine grade curd, this was the last of it.  Stringy when melted)

For this recipe I used a crockpot set to high for 6 hours.

Layer the base of the pot with overlapping potatoes of alternating colors. (white, yellow, white, yellow, etc)  Sprinkle layer with salt and pepper.  Add a layer of onions. Add a layer of carrots. 

It was at this point that I made the sauce.  The pot was getting thick with veggies and I was worried that the sauce would not filter through everything if I added it only to the top.  In a saucepan, melt lard and then add small quantities of flour while stirring until you get balls of dough.  Slowly add milk while stirring. (If you add too much liquid, the roue doesn’t dissolve and your sauce is chunky.)  Once all the milks are added, then put in the cheeses and heat until melted.

Back to the crockpot.  Spoon cheese sauce over the layers, probably about 1C or 1/3 of the sauce.  Repeat the layers.  Potato, onion, carrot, sauce, etc.  For my dish I had 3 layers.  Cover crockpot and leave to cook.  Enjoy with a large group of friends.

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