Tantalizing tomatoes


Well, it must be September, as our homes are filling up with boxes and boxes of tomatoes! Each of our winter members will be receiving 20 pounds at the fall pick up, but we also have plenty more to spare. If you are interested in purchasing additional tomatoes (for $1/pound), please let us know ASAP! We don’t want to pick too many more than what we have homes for, but of course once we have a frost the opportunity is lost.
We hope you continue to enjoy the late summer veggies. I’m afraid the zucchini is finished for the season, but this week Saskatoon members were treated to muskmelon (like cantaloupe) and Battlefords folks will get yours on Sunday.
Other than that, the orders continue much as they have been: carrots, potatoes, beets, bunching onions, (last week you received the cooking onions for the rest of the season — they were thicknecked ones that won’t store for the winter, but will do just fine for a few weeks in a cool dry place — not the fridge!), cucumbers, corn, kale, chard, peppers (green and hot hungarian wax — turns out the crop was better than we had feared, so we’ve continued to send them to everyone after all), celery, parsley, cilantro, basil, and, of course, tomatoes.
Bon appetit!
PS We also wanted to thank everyone who has helped recruit new members for the winter. We are very excited by the number of winter shares we have this year! It’s always a bit discouraging to have a wonderful harvest and nobody to enjoy the delicious food, so we are pleased to have a good crew of members to share with this year.

2 thoughts on “Tantalizing tomatoes

  1. That’s a LOT of tomatoes!! I’ve been canning mine. Where were they hiding in the gardens! Thank you so much for the wonderful bounty I’ve received.

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