Fall Vegetable Storage Tips



Thanks to everyone who came out to our fall pick-up. It was wonderful to have such an enthusiastic and hard-working crew! We look forward to sharing the harvest with you over the coming months.

As promised, here are some tips for storing your veggies. Sorry we couldn’t post them sooner — we’ve been busy harvesting, preserving, and preparing for the frost that is likely to come tonight!

So here goes:

* Potatoes: store in cool, dark, dry location.
* Carrots: keep them cold, in a perforated plastic bag to keep the moisture in (the refrigerator works well).
* Beets and rutabagas: similar to carrots.
* Onions: the onions we sent on Sunday are thick-necks that are very slow to cure. This means they will not keep as well as the rest of the onions you will be receiving. Keep them dry with the green leaves up in the air.
* Garlic: keep dry.
* Tomatoes: store at room temperature. Sort through the green ones weekly (or more often if they are ripening quickly).
* Peppers: same as tomatoes, though a cooler room seems to help preserve a firm texture. Use any that develop black spots promptly, as these spots will start to grow mould.
* Squash (including pumpkins, spaghetti squash, and monster zucchini): due to our damp, cool summer, they will probably not keep as well as they did last year. Keep them dry (not in a damp basement!). Check monthly and use up anything that shows signs of spoiling.
* Celery: the stalks can be kept up to a month in the refrigerator (trim off all leaves first). The leaves can be dried for use in winter soups.
* Herbs: these can be dried or frozen (cut up before freezing).
* Poppies: keep the pods dry. They can be used as a bouquet until you eat the seeds.
* Watermelons: keep at room temperature. It’s hard to tell when they are ripe, and the quality of the melons varies. Still, many are quite nice right now, so we thought we’d share the bounty. Sorry for any that aren’t very tasty!!

Bon appetit!

One thought on “Fall Vegetable Storage Tips

  1. I have kept carrots for months by layering them with damp cotton cloth in the crisper. They tasted so sweet and fresh. Just cut the tops off so they don’t grow greens.

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