Rest Well, Asparagus!


 I’m afraid the time has come for our seasonal good-bye to the asparagus. We’ve been enjoying its delights since the beginning of May (remarkably early this year!) and now need to put our own appetites to rest and allow the plant to store up energy for next year’s growth. We will be giving the plants a good weeding this week, then covering them with manure and allowing the stalks to branch out like the ones pictured above. Depending on how long the weeding and manuring process takes us, you may yet get a small taste of asparagus next week, but the season is essentially over.

The lettuce, on the other hand, has just hit its prime. We sent lots in today’s order, and hope you are enjoying salad as much as we are! Most of the lettuce is our standard prizehead variety, but you will also have a head of forellenschluss, an Austrian heirloom romaine whose name translates “speckled like a trout.”

There are a variety of herbs in this week’s order that can add zip to your salad: a few leaves of arugula (which unfortunately didn’t do well this year, but we sent what there was!), some cress (great in potato salad), lots of dill, summer savory, coriander, and mint. We’ve been drinking lots of mint tea lately — just pour boiling water over a couple of sprigs of mint and enjoy!

There is also the usual bag of orach, which will likely continue for a couple more weeks till its time to let those plants go to seed and move to the mustard greens, kale, and perpetual spinach. At this point these plants are all still very small, but in fine form. We’ve sent the last (for now) of the Dutch chive bulbs, which can be used as you would garlic or shallots, and of course, the usual rhubarb.

If any of you would like extra dill, mint, or rhubarb, please let us know and we’d be happy to top up your order!

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